Swords Galore, Friends in Love, Sold House, etc.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O LORD, do not abandon those who search for you. Psalm 9:10
The Wingycuzins just came over and brought a bunch of swords they made for us!!! Wowee cool it is! Mine was actually one I made for JA and he broke it, but it was was remade. I mended the Prophetess after her most unfortunate accident and allowed her to have a last battle against Jerjerrod and die an honorable death. It was magnificence!!!!!!!! Well, well anyway after moving boxes from the basement to the parlor and eating ice cream, there were many sword battles, fort sieges, and betrayals. CAPTAIN SPY actually betrayed me!!!! But he swore back into my service afterward so we're all cool:) Played XBOX a little bit and beat Jerrjerrod at RED ALERT 2 which felt very nice after losing for the last 7 trillion times!!!
You all probably know this, but two awesome people, Sir Luke the Impossible and Lady Lana the Adorable are now courting and very much in love from what I understand! :P I am SOOOOO excited for them!!! I knew it would happen someday! First go to http://musingsofaservantprincess.blogspot.com and scroll down a little to get her take on the story, then go to http://lukewarrior.blogspot.com to get his. It's great and beautiful!
While I was off blogger, Jdude and Sticks got chickenpox!!! Now Lane has them. Deardear me. I spose I've gotta get them sometime!!! We also sold our house! Cool!-ish. We've got to be out by the 10th of next month!!! WhOoOoO.
There is a great video down on the bottom today. Check it out!
Jesus, you are truly all I want, you're all I need, you're everything.
Meggy T