Homeless Wanderings

So now we are homeless people!!! Whoa! So where should I start... moving out, yes.

Wingfamily came over to help us load the trucks. We had an ABF truck at first and loaded it up... and found that we still had over half the house to go. So Dad rented a UHAUL truck that he could drive. With much shoving, hauling, lifting, getting squished, breaking necks, and maybe a little dirty language (kidding!:P) we loaded everything in the whole house up. Whew! We also saw the Lady family a couple of times during that period, as my car is now hers and I'm getting an Ipod instead. Not that bad of a deal! We also had some yummy lunch with them. We were happy we got to see Winguys like... 4 days in a row. On our last night there, Mr. Wingdad and my dad gave the OK for one last Me verses JA Age of Empires II game. (Drallen, if I get any of this wrong comment a correction. But please keep the insults subtle) Well, I had said something he considered insulting in an e-mail so he said this game would be "one-sided and short". Sure I says. But I'd never beat him at that game and didn't think I'm was gonna start now. One thing he likes to do is send little amounts of guys to annoy me and make me mad before I'm ready. So I said we'd have none of that and he said he'd give me 10 minutes for preparation.
We must have kept that up for... I dunno, ten minutes until I literally had to get down on my knees and beg for him to make this fair, receiving all the time I needed and teasing all through dinner from that Comediantennis. Generals don't beg huh? Well the hero computer-whiz Dad got the connection going and I set up a triple-thick wall for defense. I get a few guys going and reluctantly give him the OK to attack. Well, he fights, I fight. He breaks down the wall, I rebuild it. But I keep my farms going while he sells all his villagers. So he ran out of resources and the Undeafeated General says, "I SURRENDER!" in front of all his family, mine, and our neighbors who had dropped by to say goodbye. Everyone gasps. "WHAT????????" I says. The One and Only Jerry Allen saying THAT is about as likely as Theoden saying "Well, gee whiz, we cannot defeat the armies of Mordor so let's go home and drink!" I was about flippin out when the YOU ARE VICTORIOUS words came across on my screen! Jerrjerrod, thanks for actually SAYING "I Surrender" out loud so I could hear it instead of just doing it! Then we said goodbyes:(
So the next morning Grandma Tagg and all of us set out for her house. Before I go any further, I must say that Grandma Tagg is the real-life Samwise Gamgee except that rain clouds don't dampen her spirits! She'll just drive down whenever to help when we have a new baby, or when somebody has chicken pox, or loses a job she's right in the thick of it following around helping out and buying all the boys snacks! So we set out and Dad took the UHAUL truck to Colorado... or so we thought. Turns out he was stuck in the middle of Kansas with a broken down truck. He was waiting for those UHAUL people to call him back about it. I was flippin mad at UHAUL and bad trucks. And I'm thinking Kansas should be renamed No Man's Land. You can be a farmer, a farmer, or a farmer. Anyway, he got to a fixing place and slept in a hotel and NOW he's on the road... we think:P
Dad has these AWESOME headphones that block out all other sounds till you can't hear yourself speak. They have a surroundy sound. I turned the TWO TOWERS all the way up in the car. It was amazing!!! But I think that was too much sound for a little 6-inch screen...:P Last night we got here and ate pizza. I gave the little kids a bath and Jessjess made up an all new version of "10 Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed" using "10 Little Piggies Hiding in the Tub". We going to see my great-grandma from Florida and I'd better get off and ice Louie's surprise birthday party cake. Chocolate Rocks!