More Lucy's Birthday & Pinwheel

Last night the party came over and Uncle Kenny came too! The back room was all decorated and Nana made brownies and lasagna. Yum! Lucy got... many, many things!:P Some craft things, some clothes, a purse, and lots of money is all I remember. She's excited about all her presents! She was planning to top off the day by watching THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL, but the electricity went out! "That's OK!" I says. "If it's not on later we can watch it on the portable DVD players." Well, that was the plan. But the movie was IN the unoperational DVD player, SO.... we watched RETURN OF THE JEDI and everybody was asleep before they got to Endor! Right after that the electricity came back on and we got everybody to their own beds. Lucy had a good day!
We have made a new friend - Pinwheel the Dog! A big black I don't know what kind, but he's a lot like Joey in the "I'm just gonna lay down and mind my own business and if Mayf wants to beat me up that's fine with me" attitude. He's called "Pinwheel" because when he wags his tail it goes round and round!
Here's a funny. I had the Iron Empress out and was fighting Sticks and all that jazz. When I was done I went up to the porch where the people were talking, and just carried the sword with me. Gram said, "Did you get a new sword?"
I said, "Well, relatively."
She said, "Oh, that's your sword? I thought it was one of the boys'! I was just teasing you!"
I laughed. "Sorry! I'm a sword junkie too!"
Question! What do you call a girl warrior?