We are at Grandpa and Nana's! Actually I'm on Grandma's computer right now as I am having laptop technical difficulties. I think there's a couple of more things I can try to fix my internet connection, but I'm not gonna be on as much as usual. Soon! When we get a permanent place! Dad put an offer on another one. Comment me with what's up like e-mail because blog is more convenient under these circumstances. I should get some letters out pretty soon.

My Ipod came in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! It's silver and so cool and it even says MEGGY T on the back! Don't have any music on it yet. We had dinner with Grandpa, Nana, Gram, and some of Gram's cool friends that are visiting. Sloppy Joes and apple pie is yum!

Watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean with Lane, Sticks, Lucy, and a little bit Mom last night. Funnyfunnyfunny!

There are these garden spiders at Grandpa's that are HUGE!!!!! The boys keep grabbing these big huge grasshoppers and throwing them into the webs so the Shelob's can eat them. Spiders eat good when J-dude, Jessjess, and Mayfeeboy are around!;)