Serenade to Friends

VERSE OF THE DAY: And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you. Psalm 39:7 (I don't pick these. How come the verse of the day always fits the day? Anyone?)
I shall give you the post on where-on-earth-I-am and what-on-earth-I'm-doing later. I figured this needed it's own post.

Yes, I am truly out of Arkansas. Meggy is gone. Gonegonegone. It's been amazingly hard to get through my head.

Some things really drove it through pretty good though. (Lets see if I can get through this without bursting into tears) Lemme tell you readers, you have no idea what your friends are until you leave them. That is, you are not thankful enough for them while you're with them. You all know that Tobymac song: "They say ya never know whatcha got till it's GONE". Sure, I know, you say. But you don't until it's gone.

Emy came over and said.... no.."until we meet again" first. She left and I went to my room saying "Not all tears are an evil" and "There is a time to weep and it's RIGHT NOW!" Girl, you are the best client I ever had and I'll try to call you soon!

I didn't get to say a goodbye to Nan, which makes me VERY sad. Nan, please please PUL-LEEZE stay in touch with me because you are amazing and as soon as God said, "Here, try this as a great friend!" I had to leave.

God also went through no doubt a lot of trouble to dig up some of the greatest adopted cousins in the world from the no-man's-land where they live to Tagg End. The Winguys are all totally awesome and we will all miss them HUGE. And yes, I'll admit you Wingypeople, I bawled like a baby that night.

I didn't get to see Britterbear either:( Hopefully Bekah remembered to give you that hug for me girly. We haven't talked since... I quit piano I guess huh? I'll e-mail you when I get the chance so we can tell each other what in Jupiter is going on!!! *Sniff sniff* Brother either. Post on your xanga what's going down!

I'm thinking about all the people I didn't get to say bye to as we're driving away and Cole's in the list. We have to drop something by Lady's family today and....SHE'S THERE! So I got to give hugs and I was happy I got to. Lots of letters my Cole! Lots of letters! You are a funny, crazy, girlfriend and you better come up with the Lady family in the Spring!!! Luv you bunches!!!

Don't forget the one and only Lady! Yes, I hugged her with Cole:( I know I'm gonna see her again because she's coming to see me in the Spring!!! We'll have to phone and e-mail and she says she will. Lady, you are an amazing individual and I am so happy you really are going to come visit!!! I love you crazy!

Sunshine Princess I didn't really get to say goodbye to:( E-mailing and internet are wonderful things! They're how our relationship was made up anyway mostly. I'm sad I'm gonna miss the whole deal between Lady Lana the Adorable and Sir Luke the Impossible. Maybe I can come down for the wedding! But if not send me a video! And Sir Luke, keep posting on your blog! It is very encouraging to me and many others and you are no doubt blessed by the Lord for it. (You made an excellent conquest to prove it! Heehee!:P)

I am going to miss all of my good friends in AR, but I hope yall won't be jealous if I make a couple of new ones. Not as replacements - just as a few more. I love all of yall and I want to keep up through internet and e-mail and letters and phone and all those wonderful things we have now. The Lord gives and he takes away. But I don't want yall to be "taken away". I want to keep up and be as good friends as ever! We're here for a reason and I don't know what exactly it is yet, but I'll let you know! I love you all!

Meggy T