WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

VERSE OF THE DAY: For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth. John 4:24
Yup! Dad found one!!! Praise to the King! It needs a lot of work, but it's OURS!!! I don't know much about it, but I know it has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a shed in the backyard which is big enough for the fort, no cabinets or kitchen appliances, no sinks, and no doors. That means we get to get whatever appliances we want! Dad loves the neighborhood and only the people that live there use it. Nobody passes through to get to other streets or anything. Closing time is October 11 I believe
Today I am reminded to tell you of boys. J-dude, Chess, and Mayfee are LOVING farm life!!! Listed are some boy fun stuff.
1 - Before we got here they all started out quite a bit wimpy about blood or bruises. Now instead of whining, J-dude's reaction is "Ow! Ow!" about standing in a pile of fire ants. Lane started helping him brush off. He said, "They just keep coming on me!" Lane said, "How bout getting off the anthill?" LOL His feet are swelling now. Jess and Mayf will still whine, but sometimes they forget to.
2 - They aren't scared of bugs in the slightest anymore. It's great fun to catch grasshoppers, pull their legs off, and throw them in the potty or a spiderweb where the inhabitant is bigger than they are. The descendants of Darth Tarantula are Sticks's job. They don't live around here much anymore.
3 - Animals are more intriguing than ever. Everybody likes to pet the horse, raise eyebrows at the scary goat, sneak up on the scardycats, and laugh at the cows! Oh, and feed and catch the fish. They like it when Sticks takes them down to the lake. Wasn't so fun when J-dude hooked Jess in the head. He didn't forget to wail. J-dude and Mayf did too. Givemabreak! Being hooked's never happened before! Who's to say it's not life-threatening!:P
4 - Big huge driveways are FUN! Plenty of room to kick the ball and ride bikes! Mayfee's gonna get a hole in his right shoe, as he hasn't discovered the brake on the back of the scooter yet. But he's fast and graceful on that thing for a three-year-old! Lane was chewing Sticks out for not sending J-dude inside after the ant attack. "Why'd you let him play SOCCER of all things?" she says. Sticks sticks out his bottom lip and shrugs. "He still kicked the ball good."
I... think that's it!
I figured out how to get photos onto my iPod. Problem is, I don't have any. So for now I've just got some LOTR stuff on there!:P
And to use an elvish, Luke&Lana farewell, Namarie!