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Froggy is now a chicken!!! He has chicken pox. Less than 10 though, he's still the usually smiley slobbery one! (SO Kee-yute!)
Lane is gone to Grandma H's to crochet and all the boys are gone fishing. There are two ponds here that are packed with catfish!
Shelob the Spider is outside this very window. I shall have to point out to the little guys that she hasn't had a grasshopper lately. But nobody should get too close, because grasshoppers don't taste very nice, precious. She hungers for sweeter meats. Anyhow...
Sticks the mouse catcher, with a grand total of.... more than 41 kills got another on a stickytrap last night. Grandpa came and took it, but he let the boys PET IT first!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!! Can I get an amen?
Emy - Working up an add-on to the plan of action.
Nan - I want to call you later today to... well.
Lady - Stinks that you cain't e-mail me:( Good luck in confuzin chemistry:P
Cole - You need to post!
Britter - What's up?
Lady Lana - I shall resend my CtB thing to your mom. But I shall need your e-mail addy because I don't remember it.

Today I read about Hezekiah preparing for battle. They stopped up all the streams and rebuilt parts of the walls. Also built some things which I interpreted as bombard towers:P I just didn't remember that part last time and I like that kind of thing!
Must go! My water's probably boiling.