Favre 4ever

VERSE OF THE DAY: …I restore the crushed spirit of the humble and revive the courage of those with repentant hearts. Isaiah 57:15
We've got all our new appliances hooked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!! The stove and oven REALLY rock some boat!
Blogger only works on the laptop still:(
Couple days ago when Mace and Uncle Steve were here to help move in the piano, a half asleep Mayfee sticks his head up from the couch and proclaims/demands: "I want all my money in the bank!!!!!!!" Everybody looks at each other for a second, thinking about what this could possibly mean. Then the laughs start.

BEEYOUTIFULL game last night!!!!!!!!!! Brett Favre and his awesome Green Bay PACKERS buddies kicked some BRONCOS butt!!!!!!!!!!! Broncos tied the game up with a field goal with 0 seconds to spare and took it into overtime. Farve throws an 82 yard touchdown pass to win the game 19 to 13!!!!!!!!! Absolutely unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! Joyjoyjoy!!!!!!!!!!! Favre 4ever!!!!!! So glad he didn't retire last season as word had it!!!!!!!!!!! No quarterback like him. But Peyton Manning's the same good except a different kind. Kinda glad Farve said he was gonna retire because I tore my affections away from him and grabbed hold of Manning. SOOOOOooooo when he DIDN'T retire I grabbed him back AND.... Now there are 2 best quarterbacks in the NFL!!!:D But on to more serious football:

I had a horrible nightmare. In it, the Colts and Manning faced the Patriots and Brady in the playoff game. The Colts lost. I cried and cried. NOW I find that real life scenario comes to life this SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This dream CANNOT be a vision. But I am afraid. I will admit that I am afraid for the honor of my undefeated favorite. The only 2 undefeated teams in the season will become just 1 undefeated team. I can already feel flutterings in my stomach when I think about the Colts losing, so I know I will cry is it happens. It CANNOT happen! My Colts are going 16-0!!!!!!!!!! Right Guys?