In Colorado 4 Good!

VERSE OF THE DAY: We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. Romans 5:3
Well, until we go somewhere else. It feels strange that we're not going back. But we made the big drive yesterday and ended up at the cuzins house! They're all gone at school, but already it's been strange babysitting a 6' 1" football player! (kidding, most of the way:P) Potato taught me a cool trick that I think Comediantennis is really gonna like! Slept in Potato's room with the rest of the girls. This stay marks the inconveniencing of every direct family member! I think. So it'll be nice to get out of people's hair that we've been in for probably a month. It's weird not having a house! We may have it tomorrow though. The dogs in our families have been introduced and Cap'n Jack and Lil Trix are hidden in their cage. Joeyboy's been pretty nice to them!
In the car we listened to some Narnia tapes. And yes, Emy, you did say you wouldn't like em probably but you'd read them!
Found some free-to-the-public books online! The only ones that were not history or something was ELSIE DINSMORE which I have already read. But it's a good book and much better than nothing!!! *That library is all MINE!*:D
The boys are playing pool right now. Funfunfun!
BTW, yall will be very excited to know that Brett Favre is in the game and makin records!!! So much for that jabbery-gloop about him retiring last year. Football season is back and the Colts are going 16 -0!!!!!!!! Peyton's da man!!! He has the hearts of the people!!!
I miss you all Arkansas friends!!!!!