Life this Week

VERSE OF THE DAY: Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world. John 16:33

Mace, Potato, Lane, Sticks, and I went to this youth thing called COLA WARS at our church. Man, it was rough!!!! We had a game called "Crack the 6-pack" where 6 people hooked arms sitting down and six other people tried to rip them apart. There was hair-pulling and somebody really came down on my wrist with their foot. Ow! There was one point where Sticks and Tate (who were the smallest ones there) were being dragged ten yards away from the others, about four feet off the ground by a few big guys. They were sticking together like a mouse and a sticky trap and the big guys didn't pull them apart! It was funny, but I thought they were gonna get dropped on their heads. Then there was a game where there were two tubes and each team had to fight for them and bring them back to their line. Killed my nail and bled a bit, but I didn't notice till the games were over. Bet I got blood on the shirt of the girl I was hanging on to in the horse game. Some people held on to each other's waist's in a line and the other team had to jump up on you to try to make you fall. I didn't fall, and I didn't really jump on the other team either, but Mace was over there getting some elbow in the head:P Then I think that's it for the fun games. We went inside and had some pizza then! Funfunfun! I think it would've been a lot Funfunfunner if I knew people there.
Yesterday Imo, Mangnay, Grandma, Aunt Mich, Chlo-chlo, Twinkletoes, Lane, Lucy, Mom and I went to a fundraiser tea at the oldest hotel in CO. It was a really pretty building!! There was a couple of Nutcracker dances and a magic show. We thought the tea was at 12pm but then we find it was at 2pm. So we had to wait a bit. But it was pretty fun!

All of us before the tea

So that's what's up. My computer won't turn on. Tis quite annoying to me! I'm on Dad's. Hi Dad! Can you fix my computer?