Egg Nog Night!

We do it every Christmastime: Get a whole lotta egg nog and vanilla chex mix and watch a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night we watched MEET THE ROBINSONS. Talk about good! Funnyfunnycutecute! Still getting over a heavy sugar rush from last night... Heehee! Drove Lane and Lucy off the bed! We were doing a dramatized SENSE & SENSIBILITY with the screenplay we have. I starred as Marianne, Mrs. Jennings and miscellaneous!!! It gets giggly when we come to the dramatic love lines! :P
Been babysitting a whole lot. Need to do some heavy Christmas shopping! Made a sword the other day. It's got elvish runes on it! Woooooooo! But the hilt aint done yet. Plan is to play with Drallen today! Wait, no. The plan is to beat Drallen today.
Here's some clips from MEET THE ROBINSONS!