Happy, Happy, joy, joy, JOY!!!!!!!!!!!

VERSE OF THE DAY: Thank God for this gift too wonderful for words! 2 Corinthians 9:15 (again, I don't pick these!)

This shall be quite a long post. Hang with me. Hope yall had the Christmas of the century!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually woke up before Bird (whoa) and woke her up (accidently) and we read Luke 2 together. Looked out the window at six inches of new snow and more coming down. What a beautiful white Christmas! Then we get the: "Ok! Ready!" Then everybody comes out of their rooms and we see a bunch of new sleds and crossbows!!!!!!!!!! Cool!!!!!!!! Good thing it snowed!!!!! Dad read.... Luke 2 :) and then we ripped into the ones under the tree. I got an iTunes card, cool shoes, a necklace, a Star Wars book, and we all got a treadmill and exercise bike a bit earlier!!!! Funfunfun!!!!! But the awesomest part was giving Dad his iPod Classic (baby)!!!!

Then we all didn't eat and headed out to use the new sleds on Mt. Caradrass. Fun it was!!! Then we all went to hang out to do random fun things all day until the day was over.

I'm usually oober-sad the day after Christmas. But this time I'm looking forward to Wingycuzins coming over 2morrow! Then after that it's New Years! Then after that it's my birthday! Then shortly after it's Valentine's Day and Lane's birthday then Joshua's birthday then the Superbowl! Such were the thoughts going through my head as I woke up this morning. (Oh, forgot to mention, I got a SUPACOOL computer deskythingy for my early b-day. Just keep that in mind) Then later Dad says he's gonna build my SUPACOOL computer deskythingy today! "Whoa!" thinks I. "Sooner than I woulda thought!" he did put it together... and it was SOOOOOOOOOO awesome! We moved my whole room around for it, and hung stuff on the walls and I got a new room!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough to get me giggly!!!! Yes, I will post a picture. But first right after I got my new room (RIGHT after) Lucy pulls me to the living room and says something about a birthday present. "My birthday's not in like ten days!" says I, but she leaves unexplaining. I finally get the point that this present that Sticks has been cahooting with Nana about and drooling over since November is going to be given to me early! Coolio! Thinks I. They pull out this long box. Oooo! I love boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!! So then I opens it. Yeah, I think that's what I musta looked like. It is GLAMDRING the FOEHAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In English, Gandalf the Grey's sword!!!!! SCREEBEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!! THEN..... there's another thing to open! No way! Thinks I. But there IS and it is...... A cool knight's shield that I have (as of right now) named King Richard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am completely freakin out!

Then we hung em up in my room!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and on that subject....

I know, I know, my bed's a mess. I still need to actually CLEAN the room!

My SUPACOOL computer desky thingy!

Close-up of Glamdring's hilt.

So now, my friends, my room is a direst result of Multi-personality-disorder. Purple Bed, Manning desktop, LOTR screen saver and a sword&shield. To top it all off, a long-lost and bemoaned box returned to me for incorrect zip code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you God for a beautiful day and your Beauftiful Son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!