Which One, Which One?

This past Football Sunday, the TV was turned ON. Should I watch my one-and-only Peyton Manning (my best-loved, favorite, awesomest, football quarterback hero, I-do-not-doubt-his-heart-nor-the-reach-of-his-arm, Colts dude) at his typical best beating the Texans (No DUH!!!) in the 3rd quarter by such a long shot that poor stinky team has no chance whatsoever of catching up not to even CONSIDER winning?

Or should I watch my second-and-only Brett Favre (my previous favorite, best, and awesomest, until I discovered what those words really meant through a certain #18 in a blue shirt, but this graying, big-throwing, every-record-breaking, cheesehead, Green Bay, QB still retains a large peice of my heart for himself) at his absolute WORST losing to the Bears (EEEEEK!) in the third quarter in the worst conditions he said he's ever played in with cold and snow and huge winds with a PROVOKINGLY large chance of winning?

Oh decisions, decisions!!!!!!! Of course I had to watch my Manning until the game switched then I watched my Favre. I depressed myself with the wind pushing his right passes left and watching him cry. Then I left. They lost to the Bears. My Manning didn't even make it to the top 3 QBs this week! Romo did.

Jingle Bells! T.O. smells!

Romo threw a pick!

Demarcus Ware messed up his hair

and the Cowboys lost the game!

Jingle Bells! T.O. smells!

Romo took a sack!

Beat the Dolphins in the spring

and now they're 1-15!!!

~ written by Sticks and Meggy to make my cousin angry!:P

My poor teams! In honest retrospect, I know that the Patriots, the hated team known for lucky wins and evilish hathno, shall make it to the Big Bowl. But with who? Anybody but the Cowboys!!! Green Bay or Indy PLEASE!!!!