Wingycuzins are AWESOME!!!!!!

VERSE OF THE DAY: Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Hebrews 11

Yes folks, a few adventurous daredevily Arkanesians dared drive off the edge of the map to come visit the coloradigan Tagg End! It was sooooooooooo awesome!!!!! They stayed... uh... 3 or 4 days!!!!! Lessee if I can member a lot of stuff we did...
They got here in time for dinner on Thursday through about a foot of snow. Joy and ecstasy at the Tagg house! Ate some chili (and the food was good the whole time, Mom just asked me that) and then we gave the guys a tour and launched right into a full blown nerf gun fight. (No, they weren't tired after driving 14 hours. You crazy?:P) Then Dad and me and that JA went to play Rise of the Witch King on computers. Dad kicked me out of the game with some overboard petty-shooting. Then JA got him. Then we all went to bed.
Day 2 we got ready to sled!!!! Grabbed the Christmas sleds and headed to Caradrass in "the most snow Jake's seen in his whole life" with the dads. Dad took a bunch of pictures! Here are a few:

Comediantennis screamin like a girl!!! (Ok, not really. But screaming nonetheless)

Now for the hike back up the hill...
Mr. W!!!

Lane being a nut

Lane & Lou!

At least 2 of these guys are hitch-hikers!

Things REALLY started poppin when Lou and Jax started building a ramp! Here's Jake's attempt. Heehee!

Jax does the ramp weird!:P

All smiles!
Face-down flyin off the ramp

Sticks zinging
Lucy off the ramp *ow!*

Snow flies when Lane blows through!!!

Drallen & Comediantennis snowfighting

Is it possible to be the Joker AND the Penguin?

Jess getting some help on the hike home
I could post a zillion more but for the time and photo quality (kidding Dad). We sledded every day.

After having some hot chocolate and lunch, we... did all kinds of stuff! Heehee! Played some XBOX and all that jazz. Dad's laptop junked up. We had another egg nog night and watched MEET THE ROBINSONS again! Funfunfun! Then JA and I played that game again. And I lost again:Z So ANNOYING!!!

Next day was.... Saturday? J-dude watched his first of LOTR with Return of the King! He wasn't scared even (Emy). Played BATTLESHIP with Jakey and won! Cool! Jakey's awesome cuz I beat him!:P He's awesome for other things too, but that's beside the point people, stay ON TOPIC! Went to SAMS with Dad, Lucy, and Drallen. Had brisket for din-din and played JA. Lost again. Starting to become quite uncool, doncha think so? Drallen doesn't think so >:-[

Sunday we went to church. Then played star wars trivia and lost at that. HOW WEIRD IS THAT? I don't know what was wrong with me but I played awful! Checked out some Spy Corps FSS papers with the Squad and got those taken care of. Jakey's proved his stealth, Sticks has proved his eyeballs, and JT's proved his mettle. And his metal. Watched At World's End over the best food in the world (mexican) and had a universal vote that the first 2 movies were better. Dallas Cowboys lost that day as well. Hallelujah! Played JA again. Built a wall for the first time and then he insisted on attacking my base before I got all the points I wanted. I lost in half an hour. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRG! His Firey Catapults and Dwarves took out my stupid Ents. Let us skip the details. I need to branch out! Gonna build me a troll hero and try some new teams you son of a dark lord!!!! Then he beat Sticks pretty handily and took about 3 hours to beat Dad. I hear they finished at 2am and I fell asleep about 1:30 I guess. I need to beat Dad. THEN I can beat Drallen. They all left this morning and I'm sad:( Even though I let that dude get a perfect record. But I called to catch up with Emy and I plan to call them Wingys afore they get home. It's all too much too soon ya know? They're here, then they're gone. Slap me thrice and hand me to me mama. Well, it's worth bein sad now cuz of the awesomeness of having em here then. Besides, theysa comin back in the summer! And Lady's clan is comin in the spring! And it's New Year's Eve! No being depressed!

And BTW, let us start a dispute about grammar. "Dismount off ___" or "Dismount___" which is right?