"My command is your wish"

Indeed it is!
Last post I shall write being 15. Got a neat-o birthday call from Britters, Bekah, and Cole, and the latter gave her Dearly Beloved some vital messages from me:P So.... what do I post about? Lessee... some highlights of the year...
  • Moving away from Arkansas and my awesomest friends. That's not a cool one, huh? Well, the thing about said awesomest friends is that they call me and e-mail me and some visited and all kinds of stuff so I don't feel AS far away. (I'm still counseling Emy, I mean, how far away could I be?:P) You guys are amazing!
  • I got a Frog! An 8 pound one with blonde hair stinkin straight up out of his head! But now he weighs a lot more. He's really neat! He also occasionally goes by the name of "Zeke." Sometimes. But now he's cutting his first tooth (of course frogs grow teeth) and chewing on crackers and stuff! He also always want somebody to hold him. I'll tell you when he says his first word! He's the sweetest little guy.
  • Everybody but me and Lucy got the chicken pox. Brand new thing! We had a bunch of "chickens" for a while! But the chicken party was fun. Chickens like the Dickens, but no extra eggs. How does hat work?
  • I got a closer to friends I didn't know that well!
  • This is my first year in about three that I didn't finish the Bible. I would say that stinks, but I didn't want to this year. For this time it feels better to read and see what God has for you than feel like you're on a schedule.

I do believe that is not all, there's tons of stuff more that happened important in this year, but that would take a VERY long time to say! Besides, I think yall know most of it, thanks to this personal blog I've had for... just second lemme check... about 2 years now! Here's a lesson to you blog deleters (aka: Britter, Brando, Cole) When you are famous someday, then die, people won't know the history of your life! So keep your blogs and write away!!!!!

I think I'm done rambling about randomness of 15. See you when I'm older!:P