Why? WHY????????

VERSE OF THE DAY: Let your unfailing love surround us, LORD, for our hope is in you alone. Psalm 63:3 (How does the verse always fit pretty good? I guess now my hope is that Dungee stays!!!!!!)
My Indianapolis Colts lost to the chargers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BARELY!!!!!!!!!! Why? WHY?????????? Please do not laugh in comments, this is extremely unfunny. They have to leave!!!!!!! They're done with this season!!!!!!!!! Peyton the Manning threw like 2 picks!!!!!!!!!! Addai and Keith kept switching out as RB b/cuz they were both hurt!!!!!!!!! Bob Sanders (NFL Defensive player of the year) got smashed up and became a benchwarmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the final seconds Peyton knew what he had to do and nothing got done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the CHARGERS of all things!!!!!!!!! Without even LT!!!!!!!!!!!! Top it all off with the Coach extraordinaire Christian best-selling author perhaps Tony Dungee LEAVING US!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been crying ever since. Let me leave you with some pictures of the team I will not see till next season. Play some sort of sad song in your head. I don't want to think of one right now.
Quarterback Coolness
Victories are a thing of the past:(
Our kicker Adam Vinatari

"Here's what we gotta do..."

"What kinda call was that?" I couldn't agree more.

Reggie Wayne, I feel your pain

Dungee and Manning... *sniff*

I need to babysit soon so I should stop my groveling and weeping and gnashing of teeth and my barrowing that can only come from the bitterly bummed out. I can't help it!! Man, don't yall hope I don't play fantasy football next season? Then what shall become of me? I want to play anyway though.

God please bring my favorite coach back and bless every bit of Horseshoe Hotness next season!