Funny boys

VERSE OF THE DAY: *~Children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them.~* Psalm 127:3-5

Here are some funny things about the guys around here lately:
  • J-dude ~ He gave me a nice birthday card that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGIN!!!" on it. Heehee! It was so cute! And he apparently taught Jess to spell it too! He called me "Mawmaw" as a baby. He was always kinda Meggy's boy. Now he's Sticks's henchman, but when he has something to spout, or a greivance to file he'll come and sit on my lap still.He's got really pretty eyes and when he learns a new soccer move he shows everybody until he's sure you saw the whole thing. Then he forgets he already showed you and shows you again! He does have a rocket leg! He's learning to read well. He's a loyal guy, and if you're on his side there's no way he's gonna leave. He watched RETURN OF THE KING recently with Drallen as his interpreter and eye coverer (I think the only part he couldn't watch was when the heads were catapulted and it WAS night). He wasn't scared, even when Shelob showed up! He thinks things through and deliberates before making a decision. He loves macaroni & cheese!

  • Jess ~ He slurs profusley as he talks! He's a social guy during soccer games, but he does play pretty good in the big room with the guys! He likes XBOX and nerf guns and loud noisy fun! He has HUGE eyes!!!!!!!!! When he was little he called me "Deegan". It was awesome! As middle "little" he keeps his brothers moving! He's got big huge hands and feet. If meat's on the menu, he will have 7 helpings. Definatley the biggest carnivore we have! He's a good reader, but he likes to tell his own stories in between sentences:P Thinking things through IS NOT how he rolls!!!!!!!!
    Mayfee ~ He's got the most attitude of any guy we've had. I guess he's where Bird learns it because they play together a lot. Mayf is his own man and doesn't feel like he has to follow the big guys in order to be one himself. J-dude especially thought that way, but Mayf doesn't do anything unless he wants to, or is commanded by an authority. Like I said, Mayf and Bird are the best playmates and they make up pretty quick in a fight. He's got these eyebrows that can twist any which way!!!!! It is hilarious!!!! I'm pretty sure he could make them come off his head like the cartoons if he wanted!:P He's got a sweet little face. He's good at helping make brownies and the like. He's small for his age and real snuggly. Not like he'd actually LET you snuggle him or anything:P He barely eats anything. I mean, gimme a break, there's so many more fun things to do! He's got one of those open-mouthed giggly smiles! Cute!

  • Sticks ~ He's a soccerman. He calls himself a Landon Dono-fan:P Ever since he snuck up on the man himself and high fived him, got his autograph on a rad card, and talked to him he's been Donofanned whenever he sees him on tv. He likes electronics and always beats Dad at FIFA 2007! He likes select books, but doesn't really care about reading them. He likes electronic MONOPOLY (I hate it. Why play? People just cheat and fight and are selfish with money and I spend the whole game {as banker mind you} telling players to shut up and PLAY FAIR!) He's gotten away with only changing a handful of diapers in his whole life. I dunno how, but it's amazing!!!!! He makes up goofy jokes. He's got great impressions of people!!!!!! It's hilarious, nobody else in the house can pull off as many mimicky faces as him. He can do women crying for no reason, sleepy MLS soccer players, bad actors doing what they do best, Thousand Foot Crutch guys' appearances, "welcome to CHILI'S" statues, etc. Oh the wonderful things Mr. Brown can do! He's a pretty good spy too!!!!!! I'm ryming and I don't think I like it. Sometimes he likes to come in the room when I'm reading to the girls and he always likes the story. But then the next morning he rolls his eyes and says he never did. Weapons are too cool!

That's just a little of the funnycute around here. Grandma and Grandpa just left:( Dad's doing... something and Zeke's with Mom.

Will Turner is staring from my calendar. I liked Jack better I think, but Elizabeth is next. Eli Manning is looking to pass above Will. Emy and me are below Will, and letters and cards are below Emy and me. Over my head are Britter, Bekah, and Cole. Above them is Aslan and his prophecy. On either side of him are 2 wooden Ms for Mall and Me. Across the window is Glamdring the Foehammer and on the adjacent wall is Richard the Lionhearted. And on either side of this screen are.... two speakers.

Did I mention before I saved 70 bucks on new bedding things? Well I did!!!!!!! Coupons ROCK BOAT!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have another coupon and I can go get a curtain rod for the preeety purple curtains Grandma made!!!!! My books are some due tommorow too, maybe I can go to the library today. God bless us all, every one!!!!!!