I'm handicapped: I can't see in the dark.

VERSE OF THE DAY: This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24
Dad's back!!!!!!!!!!! He came in sleepwalking yesterday, then slept a little nap (it was more like a... hibernation) then came out and watched the superbowl again! I still got tense even though I knew the score! Now he's feeling pretty good! Grandma and I went to Emo's and ate some... I don't quite know what, but it was good! Then we found BLOCKBUSTER and got THE VILLAGE and THE BRIDGE TO TERIBITHIA or something like that for Dad. We kids and Grandma watched the Village last night. That is a better movie every time I watch it!!! Helped Grandpa with his NEW YORK TIMES crossword puzzle yesterday too. Whenever he finds an impossible one, he sends me to the internet. Heehee! Found this vid of Eli and Peyton after the Superbowl on an NFL site. You have to turn it up to hear anything they're saying, besides the fact that they're speaking in football/brother code, but it's really sweet. Thought Toria'd like it!

Peyton's a good brother:) And I got to say my line! When the Pats were in the locker room I said: "THE PATS ARE NOT PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It was glorious!!!!!!!!!! And more football on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!! The Pro Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!