Farewell Favre

VERSE OF THE DAY: Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life. Proverbs 19:20

You know I've said it (and cried it) before and I have. You know he's said it (and cried it) before and he has. But now the nightmare is reality - Brett Favre, the 38-year-old, 17 season, hall of famed, number 4 quarterback for the Green Bay Packers is really gone.
He has retired and we shall never see him throw a football again. America shall miss him so and all Packers fans shall spend this never-forgotten night with pillows drenched in tears over our "mentally tired" quarterback. Toria and I found out at the exact same time, so we talked about sorrows and weeping and gnashing of media teeth on the phone. You may notice I am being very sorrowfully subdued about this. I thought he would retire last year and got my tears out and my heart close to healed. He was my favorite best awesomest, so I cried as he did in 2006 and gave my heart to Peyton. A worthy recipient, but Favre came back!!! But I knew it was coming: he would have to leave soon. And somehow I know now... inexplicably... unexplainably... that it is time for him to - not step down as some would say - but set in concrete his hall of fame place and set in stone his fans' support and love.
This is NOT defeat.
This is NOT retreat.
This is Victory.
It is finished.
A good career ended.
A living legend in place.
A drug addiction.
A Super Bowl.
A wife with breast cancer.
Two daughters.
A number 4.
A big "G".
Seventeen years throwing pigskins.
Thousands of fans.
A Hall of Fame.
Nothing left unsaid.
Nothing left undone.
It is finished.
Brett is Victorious.
Favre 4ever.