Happy Birthday Lane!!!!!

Welcome to your blog party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For your 14th birthday, I thought it would be fun to go here:

Of course all the animals are tame so you can pet them. After we have hours of fun with tigers and hippopotamuses and all that jazz, it's time to go... SWIM WITH DOLPHINS!!!!!

They don't bite and the water's fine!!!!!!! Also nice to have some hot weather for once. Letsee... what next... Oh! You must be kinda hungry, so lets go to...
You'll probably only eat salad, but oh well. Now it's time for presents. I got you:

Baby lion cubs!!!!! There are five, and their names are Dog, Cat, Bunny, Horse, and Charles-Lorenzo Humperdink.

Well, I think that's as awesome as a birthday can get! Oh, wait. I forgot. Johnny Depp, Geoffry Rush, and Kiera Knightly stopped by to say happy birthday, but you were swimming with dolphins. So they just told me to tell you happy birthday for them. Shame you missed them.

So there ya have it!!!!!!! Hope you had fun at your blog party and have a great 14th year!!!!!!! *it sure beats 13 I can tell ya that*:P Well, Luvyalots!!!!!!!