I hereby call an INTERNET REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VERSE OF THE DAY: "You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden…” Matthew 5:14
We had one Soccer Saturday!!!! J-dude had a game first and the Tigers won like 13-2. THEN we zipped to to where Dad was coaching Jess's game and watched the second half of his 11-0-ish win. Sticks had a game after lunch, but Swoosh broke the winning streak:( Boooooo!:P
Lets go back in time to J-dude's 7th birthday. He opened an envelope and pulled out a ticket. He didn't know what it was at first, but Sticks took one look, gasped, and did that spin he does when he can't believe something and it's so cool. It was a ticket to the opening Colorado Rapids soccer game against (guess who) LA GALAXY!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who don't know soccer, David Beckham, the biggest soccer player in America and almost the world, is on that team along with Sticks's "friend" Landon Donavan - the awesome short guy from the USA Men's National team. Turned out Sticks got a ticket for his early birthday present, AND... we skip back in time to where we were before.
So the go to the game early, hoping to catch David Beckham for pictures and autographs. We girls and littleuns had macaroni & cheese with hot dogs for dinner. Yum! Then we girls watched A NEW HOPE until the guys came home. Well, we didn't really WATCH it, per se. We were kinda busy laughing about how Obi-wan has the same clothes on as he does 20 years earlier and the New Yorker way to say "Garbage Compactor" (Jazzy, ya feelin me?). But the guys came home with David Beckham jerseys on, ice cream, and these cool loud horns. Turns out they didn't get to meet Beck, but Dad got some cool pictures of him! BUT!!!!!! Rad as this guy and Donavan and Ruise(sp) are, CO won 4-0!!!! The guys say it was so cool. Sounds so cool!!!!!
It's snowing outside, but believe it or not folks, SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!! I can tell because the little flowers in our yard are out and the little birdies are back!!!!!!!! All I've seen mostly in the bird line are big noisy geese and the occasional crow. But the little birdies are here!!!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!!!!! Thank you God for little birdies!! They are very much nicer than big ones.
Ah, and it comes to it now. The fateful moment. A bit back, I started posting of the Girls of God Blog after a long delay. I noticed a little something. These blogs may be familiar. You may even be an author of blogs like Undercover, Soli Deo Gloria, or Extreme Revival. Anyway, I noticed that some of these blogs were getting, well, slow. Nobody commented anybody else. Sometimes posts took a long time too, but it was the lack of encouragement that bugged me most. I thought, "We are all friends in real life that share the same beliefs in a lost world- why don't we talk about it and encourage each other on the most widespread thing on earth - the internet?" I thought I should do something about it, but I wasn't sure quite what besides just commenting people myself. THEN I felt a revolution coming on. THEN it turns out I wasn't the only one! My dear bestest friend Emy has started a blog called Jesus Freak Teens for anyone who wants a internet revolution like us!!!!! I think the next step is to promote each other's devotion blogs when we can, comment each other, post on our own blogs, and most of all pray for each other. My point:
I hereby call an INTERNET REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you'll all join me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!