VERSE OF THE DAY: So we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it. Hebrews 2:1

Tara, I'll use our totally cool new title on my next post!
Now, for a quiz. What is happening in this picture?

We have the backyard coffin, 4 boys and an air horn type thing. Any guesses? Whaddayatink?

Well here's the deal. We got that horn AND that Beckham shirt Sticks is wearing at the CO Rapids vs. LA Galaxy game. The horn has been blowing at little league soccer ever since. So these guys are all outside and we're inside eating during Dad's lunch break and we hear this BLOOOOOOOOOOOONK! Not that unusual. Then we heard it again... and again... and again... (the neighbors just love us) until Dad sticks his head out the window and sees this picture. He says, "What are you guys doing?" They all turn around with their own special ecstatic expressions and say, "We're DEAFING the ants!!!!!" Our boys know that we're supposed to kill ants. My dad says it best on his blog...

"At our old home in Arkansas we developed a relationship with ants. Let's just say every spring we'd wake up in the morning and find the little buggers all around our sink. The little boys would spy us breaking out the ant spray and mumbling unintelligible words under our breath. The ants became a part of our life. Kind of like neighbors that are real annoying...except you can kill them. Well, apparently or somehow, my wife leaks out..."Urine kills ants". At this point it is quite clear to them that the only good ant is a dead ant. The questions arise from inquisitive young boys to find out where to get this magic urine. The boys have hunted out quite a few ant piles in the yard that need exterminating. Boy, were they excited when they found out where urine came from. They would whip out their tallywackers at a single ant in the parking lot of a busy mall much like a gunslinger of the old west. Since that became a little "troublesome" to say the least...we had to somewhat curb that behavior. However, boys being boys...they couldn't let ants continue on. There must be another way to kill them."

Little Einsteins. Don't boys rock? Now I'm thinking of those ecstatic expressions. Let me see if I can find pictures so you can see how cute it is...

Perfect shot of Jesse's!!!

Joshua's is about impossible to get unless you catch him in a belly laugh, but this is cute too!

You can't see it very well, but Mayf's always ecstatic whe he's riding his bike!

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