There are 2 birthdays today, but I will post about the other one when it unfolds a little more. For now, there's a Wingman who's 11 I believe!!!
General, for your blog party, we shall go to:

Yup. Six Flags! After you spend most of the day throwing up, we can go to a:

Steven Curtis Chapman concert!!! You got his autograph and he said hi and shook your hand. You didn't wash it for a very long time.

Now letsee... what else. Oh yeah. We can eat. We'll just have... whatever you want:P Cake, ice cream, all that jazz.

Hey, the doorbell's ringing! All these people walk in:

They all said happy birthday and gave you coupons to various places to eat. Speaking of presents, I got you one! I played saabac and won you...

A planet!!!!! This is Yavin 4 to be exact. You can go to all the Massassi temples and hang around in space where the death star was! Not an easy planet to get, I can tell you what. This Rodian kept cheating me at the cantina.
But wait, you'll need something to get there in, so how about...

Yep. That outta do it!!! The X-wing's actually from Bird.

Hope you had a fun blog party!!!!!!! Have a great year and great day!!!!!!
Oh, and all you peoples around here go to the comment section and drop Jakey a line. I'm sure he's around here somewhere...