Happy Birthday Un-Sticks and Mayf!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to your somewhat-late Blog Party Sticks!!!!!
We shall have your party fun with these guys:

Guess who gets to hold the little white flaggy!:P

Huzzah!!! The 2 coolests are happy!!!

That's probably what you face would look like if you got to meet this guy in real life!

Mom invited Beckham and Donovan over for dinner, and they said sure. So, we're having:

As for presents, I got you a soccer ball signed by every soccer player more famous than Terry Cooke, but I didn't want to take a picture of it. Beckham didn't get you a present, but he wanted to give you something, so he pulled Donovan's shirt off and gave it to you. Donovan didn't get you anything either, and you already wearing your own Beckham shirt, so he reached into Beckham's pocket and pulled out.... a gum wrapper. He looked in the other one and it had a coupon for Chili's. So he gave you that. Then they said they had to get going.
So, I hope you had a fun Blog Party.
More recently, as in yesterday, Mayf turned 4!!!!!!!!! I don't think he'd appreciate a blog party, so I'll just tell you about his birthday. I made him two little car cakes and I'll get the pictures up here eventually. Age 4 is when you're allowed to have chips around here, so we got Mafy a bunch of Doritos and stuff!!!!!!!! Fun!!!!!!!! He played with some new LEAPSTER games, threw some new frisbees, and got a wicked cool bike helmet, but it's all snowy and wet so he hasn't gotten a chance to use that yet. We had some yummy pizza for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa!!!! They left this morning and we did some house-cleaning. Now the house is clean!
Oh yeah, and at dinner we all prayed for Mayf. When it was J-dude's turn he almost exactly said this in a real sighy, sympathizing voice: "And please let Mayfun have fun even though he's 4. Even though he's 4 he's still gotta have fun." Hmm. I guess I don't remember the torture of fourness as well as him:P