Toria said she wanted pics of me, but... now she's getting the package of ALL TAGG KIDS!!!!!!!!! Cool. This can also serve as a guide for those of you that know who's who in the Taggs, but don't know all the nick-names I use!:P


Lane being goofy

Sticks with his "whoa cool" face

Lou modeling

J-dude being way handsome

Jess and his pretty eyes

Good ol Mayf

Everybody loves pretty Birds!!!

Baby boy Zekey
Oh, and while I have Toria's attention... Here's what the littles looked like on Superbowl Sunday

Bird with "I (heart) Eli" and "GIANTS" painted across her face! (Emy, it's cute, you gotta admit)

Jess, Bird, J-dude, and Mayf all think NY Giants are awesome!:)