Reach for the Stars! ~ Lesson 3

Character: Maab Kuldar the Dwarf
Physical traits: The typical dwarvish attributes are standing short, stocky, bearded, fully-armed, and filthy - and Maab is no exception!
Personality Traits: Loyalty, toughness, bravery, and a perky attitude mingled with soft-heartedness are the trademarks of this axe-bearing character. But even dwarves have their bad sides. Like most of his kin, he is as stubborn as can be. A fiery temper frequently shows, but it is not an hasty temper that will flare up for the wrong reasons. He is wise in choosing in whom he can place his trust... or his hate.
Likes/Dislikes: As long as there are more orcs to decapitate, this dwarf couldn't be happier. Also among his chiefest joys are a good smoke and plenty of meat. Almost the only thing that riles Maab's temper is anyone who stands in his way or threatens him. He fears no living thing - except horses when he has to ride them!

Character: Huntram Shaster
Physical Traits: This 15-year-old has blonde wispy hair that is never combed for long and usually has hay in it. He is tall for his age, all arms and legs, and doesn't move as if he quite knows what to do with them. He is always sunburned and chewing on straw.
Personality Traits: Huntram is an adventurous boy, and hopes to get out of the farm one day to see the world - until he is dragged out of the farm to defend the world. Then he realizes that his home is where his heart is - but even that doesn't break his constant resolve to be great at what he tries. His valiant efforts are all too often disastrous. He loves his little brother, who ultimately got him into this "mess", and stays close to him through danger after danger.
Likes/Dislikes: Huntram's favorite thing in the world is normal, everyday farm life in the Iron Hills. He likes the old plow horse, even though the creature is as stubborn as a dwarf. Never having the knack for learning, he never went to school, and later found out how dull it was when he must learn - or die. He hates the schedule his wanderer friends are used to: going to bed only when it was too dark to ride, and getting up at the first morning light!