Reach for the Stars! ~ Lesson 5

This is something I grabbed and tweaked from my LOTR book. I don't have many other characters lying around and I know this guy a lot better than most of the others, or somebody I just think of at the moment.

NERVOUS - Trojan was usually superb at hiding his feelings under an expressionless mask, but now his face was white, making his hair an even greater contrast to his skin. His lips were tightened into a thin line and his eyes darted here and there. His hands were clasped together so tightly that his knuckles were white. Huntram suspected that it was to keep from biting his almost non-existent fingernails again.

ANGER - At Maab's words, Huntram nervously glanced at Trojan. The man's face had hardened and he seemed to tremble with suppressed rage. His eyes became narrowed orbs of hate, and he snapped harshly, ""And how is it that you two travel this land in which you have no business?"

In the book, you almost only see Trojan through Huntram's eyes, which is why everything here is from his point of view.