Reach for the Stars! ~ Lesson 6

This is my really cool, very awesome, fabulous ship - the Dragon Verde where I am captain. She is the fear of the Indian Ocean, the true sea serpent the legends tell of. Fully crewed and fully armed! Taste the triple guns, Mate! A pirate's life for me!
5 Dead Words: Cool, Small, Awesome, Short, Yucky

The Tour of my Room: Walking down the hall and turning the corner is no adventure. But peeking into my room will raise your eyebrows in incredulity, mirth, or disgust. A gleaming sword, Glamdring the Foehammer, stands mounted on the white wall directly in front of you. A half-sized Templar shield, gold-rimmed with a red cross graces the adjacent wall, keeping company with the piece of Middle Earth memorabilia beside it. After giggling at the hanging weapons, you walk into the room and notice that the leg room is sparse, thanks to the bulky queen sized bed. You sit down on it, running your fingers over the purple and white floral quilt made by grandma for my 16th birthday. The numerous stuffed puppies and baby dolls dressed in pretty pink scattered across the bed give you the hint that this room does not belong to me alone. You hear a noise and turn toward the door, your eye catching a calendar with varied pictures of ships from STAR WARS to adorn the month of April. The entrance of a dark-haired, two-year-old little sister confirm your suspicions that I am not alone at nights. She snatches up her box of miniature toy kitties from the corner and waddles out. You smile at her and glance out the large window by the sword that overlooks our quiet cul-de-sac, peeking to the right to enjoy the sight of snow dusted mountains. A cluttered desk stands in the corner next to the window, covered in papers and school supplies with a computer monitor as the centerpiece. There at eye level is yet another calendar, this one displaying Davy Jones's tentacled appearance from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. You wisely decide not to ask why I have two calendars in my room. Above it is a homemade picture board, proudly holding numerous cards, letters, pictures, and my favorite comics for your enjoyment. As you continue to turn your head in a circle, you view my hanging clothes and bucket of shoes; as my closet doors are missing. The last wall may be the most interesting of them all. A drab wooden dresser and a bookshelf taller than you stand at attention, side by side, with three swords of my creation between them waiting for use. The shelves hold every kind of book from Elsie Dinsmore to Eragon. A fuzzy pink mushroom chair sits at the foot for lounging. You giggle yet again at the sight of a poster of Eli Manning dropping back to throw yet another amazing pass. A sliver cross hangs shining over a shiny radio and a box of cds. Now you are back to the door, watching my little bedmate dump all her hats out of their basket and laying her dolly in it for a nap.