VERSE OF THE DAY: Surround me with your tender mercies so I may live, for your instructions are my delight. Psalm 119:77
On the National Day of Prayer, Dad took us gals to see.... *drumroll.... crash cymbal!* LINCOLN BREWSTER!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't know who that is, you may wanna fix that and get this album! He sang a couple great songs, then we all prayed for a couple of the "7 points of illumination" which were... the government, business, the media, the church, education, the military, and the family. Then he played a couple more songs, then we prayed some more, and so on. About 100 (that's one hundred) people prayed to accept Christ that night. It was amazing, worshipful, and a fun time!!!!
I got a good seat right beside the stage on top of the amp. Bouncy and fun with a great view till I got in trouble!:P Before the concert started, the band members were just walking around and Dad said, "Hey, that guy plays the bass guitar in the band!" That guy heard and said, "Hi guys!":D Lincoln Brewster was all spiky-haired, good voiced awesome. The drummer just graduated high school last year and was drumming amazingly!!!!!! The keyboard guy could play with one hand and jump up to where his feet were over that hand. I was watching him rock at one point and he looked straight at me. I gave him a good whoop-n-cheer and he gave me a little nod and kept on rockin. It was WAAAY fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!