Aim at nothing - hit it every time/It's gonna be.....alright/Everything about You.... it takes my breath away

If you find my face, I'll be surprised. It was COMPLETELY ROCKED OFF last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to a CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!! It was the most fun possible!!!!!!!!! The Who's and Whats? Glad you asked!!!!

Yeah. Sweetness. Dad took Lane, Sticks, Lou, and me to the Mr. Biggs place for this funnity!!!!! Of course, we're early, just like I like. Lou and I ran up to the stage so we could stand right there. And we did, man. Through the whole concert the microphone was parked right in front of the leaning-on-the-stage me so I was pretty much looking up the singers nose getting sprayed by all the spit - yeas really. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

So Dad says WILLET is the opening band. Right now, you should be thinking, WILLET????? WHO ON EARTH?!?!?! That's what I thought. They were formerly known as CLEARVIEW, and Dad had looked into them a little and said they were pretty darn good heavy metal - kinda like RED. So I was looking forward to liking them. We're standing up there (RIGHT UP FRONT) and they come out AND ROCK THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 brothers: Jeremy, Justin, and Jordan Willet with the ages of 23, 19, and 16. They were SO GREAT!!! I was mesmerized. Guys and Gals, buy their stuff - at least give them a listen, they're wonderful!!! Jazzy, you'll love em. They also have HUGE hearts for God and the children in Africa!!! We're now sponsoring a little boy there. Check out this link for more details on how you can do that yourself. Jeremy (lead singer) gave me and Lane the hand squeeze thing during the concert - just us. Made me happy and I swiped his water bottle he'd been sipping during guitar solos!!! When they were cleaning up afterward I asked Jeremy (I was RIGHT IN FRONT and he was up there about his business) if I could keep it and he said it was all mine. I said, "So neat that yall are all brothers!!!" He said, "Yup! All except that drummer. He's the outcast." Heehee! Later when we were leaving I had to go say hi to the Justin and Jordan Willet, but they said hi before I even got to their little table!!! They looked straight in the eyes of whoever they were talking to and were very approachable and so sweet!!!!!!! I had my CD and they said, "Oh you got a CD? That's awesome!" I asked if they had a sharpie on them and they said, "Oh yeah! You bet!" They busted the CD open and signed it. They were very sweet and friendly and nice and I wish Fort Collins wasn't so far or I'd go see them again tonight. Had to wait for Jeremy to get done with pictures with some people then he was happy to scribble a scribble on it for me too. I'm looking at their signatures and Jeremy's empty water bottle right now and listening to KEEP THE AMMO DRY!!! Check out their stuff! Don't miss out!!!

Okokokokok. Next up was VOTA!!!!!! Yeeeeee-ah. You probably know them as CASTING PEARLS. Talked to him before the show (I was RIGHT UP FRONT) and he wouldn't tell why he switched the name of the band! The nerve! But they really rocked too he was pretty funny! Just got their CD off iTunes! Haven't listened to it yet.

THEN.......................... ya know em....... ya love em........... SANCTUS REAL!!!!!!!!! He ran up onstage and started givin out high fives - me first!!!!!!! Screebeees!!! He sounded GREAT!!!! Just the same as on the CD!!! One time he smiled, raised his eyebrows, gave me that thumbs-up point and held up the microphone to me - I sang "everything about you.... it takes my breath away" YEAH!!!!! He handed out some tokens to Mr. Biggs and I got one! There was a scuffle going on beside me over those:P He hand-squeezed me again later, then handshook me again after that right before they left (So Emy if your hand is Lauren, maybe mine should be.... Willet Real?). Everybody screamed, "ONE MORE SONG!" until they came back out and sang "Say it Loud"! It was astounding amazing! I'm still having fun from it and it's the day after it actually happened!!!!

DEFINITELY check out this tour!!!! Ya ain't beating this folks!!!!