J-dude in General

Our usual LOTR fan set is happy to announce the addition of this funny fella!!!!! J-dude watched the TWO TOWERS with us last night, and now he's seen them all. He watched them in the inconvenient and confusing order of 3rd, 1st, then 2nd, and we decided to watch TT when he posed the question, "How do Frodo and Sam end up meeting Gollum?" Felt sorry for him - having Gollum all of a suddenly there and all. At the first sight of Theoden, it was, "Oh yeah, he dies!" Arg. Not fair that he should know that. He's been asking a lot of questions, and he thinks the 3rd is the 1st, and that Shelob was dead when they started out, and yadayadaya of general confuzation. Whose fault was this whole wrong order thing? Now we're gonna watch them CORRECTLY!!!This was his favorite part of TWO TOWERS:

Specifically when Gimli is stuck. Emypie, watch it if you wanna but I wouldn't recommend it!

Fixed Lane's old MP3 up for J-dude today with the LOTR songs he wanted. We listened to them together on my iPod and he picked them out. He gets so excited about the soundtracks!!!!! It's so awesome cuz I used to be the only one that liked them!!! He's been grinning ear to ear and singing the vocalization for "A Knife in the Dark" - his favorite! It was so much fun, we did the Narnia and Star Wars soundtracks too. He loves the battle songs and the Isengard theme!!! So cool. He's happy to have seen all the LOTR and now to have his own MP3 player! Funfunfun!