Oh, those sneaky elephants!

Ahoy, me hearties!!!
I'd like to introduce the new blogs in my FRIENDS list. First thing of all, we have a brand new blog by Mr. and Drallen Wing devoted to the fascinating subject of history. Hails and Horns!\0/ Check it out at: http://presentinthepast.wordpress.com/. Be sure to drop them a line!!! Welcome guys, to the whimsical world of blogging!
Next (drumroll) my new real friend AND blog friend!!! The one and only Cherise A!!!! Yay! (Hey, that rhymed pretty good:P) She writes the same genre of scribbles as me, with a dash of poetry and sketches! Lookylooky: http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/poeticvoice. She's also writing a great book you've gotta check out on there!
His kingdom come!!!
"I Tinuviel, in the year of the LORD, 2008, choose a mortal life"