Don't sweep the top of a skyscraper

Lucy and Lane and Mom and me just got back from SAVERS (the awesomest thrift store in creation) and Lane and Lou got some cute shorts. Lou even found some brand new cute green crocs! As in, real croc brand crocs. I didn't find any clothes :( but I found a book! We stopped at a garage sale and I got a cute necklace. So we're cool this Saturday! I think I need to babysit more:)

Got to play at Cherry Luthien's house Thursday! We had a jolly good time talking a lot and listening to ENYA. We've got a date to watch extended LOTR now!!! Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see... finished another school book. Mom's getting me a bunch of stuff for CLEP tests now. OoOoOoOoOoOoOooo....

And interesting news: BRETT FAVRE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not with the GB PACKERS. He says he thinking on signing with Chicago or Minnesota! I'm pretty happy, I'd rather him play than not play, but I'd like him to stay a Packer. But they won't have him. It'll be weird to see him not in yellow and white and green and number 4 and a big G. Oh well. Welcome back 2-time retired legend!!!!!!! Be wise, make me happy, and sign with Chicago!!!!!!!