Rule number 1: OBEY ALL RULES

Now posting on what's been up with me, myself, and I.

First of all, does anybody know any good baby names? I ask because we shall need a spectacular one around March! Hopefully for a girl. Or two. Yep that's right - the 10th Tagg kid is in the making:P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got to play with Luthien Thursday, and we played swords and listened to music, and had a jolly nice time!!!!!!! Do you believe this: Luthien is a LOTR fan and she has NEVER seen the extended editions!!!!!!!!! How can it be? It is against the law!!:P We plan to remedy the situation presently! Oh, and I have read your excellent chapter doll, and shall e-mail you concerning it soon if I don't get too lazy!:P

Had a wonderful 4th! Aunt M, Uncle S, Mace, Potato, and Miss America came over and we roasted hot dogs and marshmellows. Lane made a jelloish flag cakish! We played wiffle ball: Girls and old guys against just plain guys. We smoked them. Played flag football later and... whoever was on my team with me got sorta beat:P Mace played some drums for THOUSAND FOOT CRUTCH and I did the vocals and guitar solos with the help of a handy spatula. We were amazing. We were in the ZONE:P When it was dark, we went out and whatched fireworks that others were illegally setting off - yes we're great people:P Played a little BATTLEFRONT II with Tate, and it's already over.
Mom's birthday was on the 6th, but I don't think I should say how old she is:P But she got some bread pans, some planners, and..... a PINK iPod Nano!!!!!!!!!!!! She has named it Bella and likes it very much. Hey, maybe I'll throw her a late blog party later!
Today we went to the library. Picked up the SCARLET PIMPERNEL!!! AND while I was in the little bookshop I saw...... THE THRAWN TRILOGY FOR $3!!!!!!!!!!! That's cheaper than you can find those blessed books anywheres! So, what did I do next? Nab them!:)
Reading in the book of Samuel - both. That I think is the most descriptive and exciting book in the Bible! Why has no one novelized it??? I have no idea. Maybe I'll remedy the situation myself soon!
Right now I'm going to take the LOVE COMES SOFTLY movie we just rented and work out on the treadmill. Just had a 3 Musketeers bar, so I must be like, 10 pounds heavier!
God Bless everyone's britches!!!!!!!!!!!:P