Tate Took Ten Towels To Town Today - Twice

Grandma and Grandpa are in town! With the big beautiful motorhome with 4 HDTVs and a sweet shower (named the Big Beautiful). So we've been hanging out with them and Aunts and Uncle and cousins at their campsite at the air force base for the last week. Yesterday we went to Garden of the Gods. It was pretty cool! There were quite a lot of rocks! Here's some pictures. I mean, a lot of pictures:

Say cheesy!

Girls and little guys

Everybody under balancing rock

Lane and Mayf on top on the world!


Chloe modelling:P

Everybody on a cliff thing

We stopped at the gift shop and Tate got "a bottle".

Hence, he and Amazin-ain't-it got a little bit drunk:P This picture actually cut off the bottle and J-dude on the other side holding Sticks up:(:P

We look a lot like these cousin people huh?:P

Today I'm actually home not doing anything. Everybody else is gone fishing or hair-doing. So I'm posting now!

We're having heavenly Mexican food for dinner tonight with the gang - YUM!!!!

Here's a lovely bit of a thing that Mason, Tate, and I thunk up as everybody was getting ready to go fishing:

Tate Took Ten Towels To Town Today - Twice,

Though They Told Tales That Their Thread Thinned.

Therefore, Tate Took Them To The Theater.

Then They Towed Three Toyotas To Tanzania

To Try Their Tofu.

God Bless us all!!!!!!!!!