Let's curdle a little blood, shall we?

My corp has unofficial lost this round of Trade Wars. Pain and agony. Nobody except my clan and the Winguys know what I'm talking about, but we went in last night and tried to wipe out the evil base. We failed. Many of us died. The worst part is that I lost my precious cool Battleship, the Ofaic Thezeqoc. I had pulled this ship in and built it up from nothing! I saved it from the depths of junkyardom! It did excellent work for me. Then we just took her into the path of the qcannon, knowing 100% she would die, just to give us some cover. And she blew into a million pieces trying to save us! Oh, my Thezeqoc! I miss you so! *sob*. When we couldn't nail bigbadbase, we tried to pop Ferrengal and ran outta money before we succeeded. By then, Drallen and I were the only ones alive. Next round I dunno if I'll go red or blue or whose corp or what, but I know I'm gonna have a battleship named the Ofaic Thezeqoc.
For everyone's info, I now have a HSB mostly for writing and NaNoWriMo purposes. Check it out at www.homeschoolblogger.com/outlawedprincess. CoOoOoOoOoOol!!!
Tonight we're having our pastor's family over to watch Facing the Giants and have pizza! Funfunfun!
STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS was released in theaters today! I can't decide if I think it's gonna be totally cool, or just plain lame. Hmmmmm... Chief and the Winguys are seeing it as we speak, and they're supposed to tell me how it is.
Preseason football has begun!!!!! I'm happy about it. The Colts are pretty weak right now, as all the starters are hurt, but that should be fixed by the time the season starts. Superbowl, here we come!!!!!!
The Olympics are also back!!!! USA basketball team is doing excellently.
Saturday we're going to the zoo. Cooooooooool.
School's starting up! So, have a great week while you DON'T have it!!!!:P Well, have a great week if you do have it too:P