Expert Analysis

Tommorow we have gym day and I'll probably post about that, but now for a little Tagg NFL talk. Read this exclusive article on the experts' Superbowl XLIII picks!!!

Dad Picks: The Oakland Raiders. What with the excellent, unstoppable, Adrian-Peterson-beating rookie Darren McFadden at RB, they're bound to get some high scores. Their current state: 1-1, decent for Raiders, who haven't done so well in the past.

Sticks Picks: The Chicago Bears. He's not guessing - he's 100% sure. With coach Lovie Smith at the helm and a new starting QB, the Bears look more explosive and seem to want it more already this season. But the big reason for the pick - Lovie Smith is a good Christian coach, and there's no way he can't win a big one doing it God's way. ESPECIALLY when Tony Dungy believes that the Bears will get a set of purty rings!!! Their current state: 1-1. Two pretty good games.

Meggy T picks: The New York Giants. It took her awhile to pick, but these guys are looking loaded this season. Even after the last Superbowl win, they are not getting any attention, nor are they expected to repeat. Meggy's reasoning is: "WHY NOT?" Despite Umienyora, the Giants have shown the world that they are a good team, and the fact is, they are STILL a good team and they're STILL proving it! Their current state: 2-0, and both games won with pretty big scoring margins.