Happy Birthday EMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My awesomest friend Emy is 16 today!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to your blog party Emy!!!!!!!!!!

You're just having fun hanging around your new house and your mom goes out to check the mail. There's an envelope addressed to you from me! You open it up and it is....

A plane ticket to Colorado!!! You pack up fast and all of a sudden YOU'RE THERE. And guess who's there to pick you up from the airport - me!

Hooray!!!!!!! We go to my house and talk a whole lot. Wait, time for birthday cake!

It is a Bee-You-Ti-Full pink one! And yes it's chocolate and we ate the whole thing. THEN we can go to...
The coolest cheap store in North America!!!! And we go a dozen other places and everywhere is having a sale because you're there. Now it is almost night. We go in my room and watch:



All of them!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!! Now it's about... 6:00am. But not too early to have visitors... guess who's here to say happy birthday?

Anne Hathaway!!! We spend about 3 hours with her, then get an hour of sleep. Then we must drink

because it will keep us alive for our very own private just us...


Now you have to go home. It's not even your birthday anymore, it's the next day. And all of a sudden YOU'RE HOME. It's already over.

Ahem, THAT was an unexpectedly sad ending to an otherwise perfect party! Well, one of these days you're REALLY going to come and we'll do all these things and a lot more! Hope you have a wonderful year being 16!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!