Sometimes... things happen.

I hath done it today.
It is finished.
What is finished you ask?
Or maybe you didn't.
Well, I'll tell you anyway.
Anybody know the word.... SAXON?
As in, MATH?
After 10 years - that's one-zero YEARS (which are 365 days each and maybe two or three leap years)
I have DONE IT!
I have finished the LAST Saxon Math lesson I will ever do!
The last lesson of the last book.
I have done it.
I tied up ten years worth of math by drawing a graph on problem 25.
Just that simple!
Ten years!!!
Ten years all done.
Comment and congratulate me, all you jealous people!!!
On yet another school note, I have found that I have enough credits to graduate in the class of 09 and go to college next year. Whoa. But we decided to wait and concentrate on ACT prep, and CLEP prep, and driving. CoOoOoOoOol.
Well, that's my school life. Now to all my other lives.
My writing life is going quite well. Preparing for NaNoWriMo, which you should all do. I am writing many things. Be sure to participate on the ongoing comment story hosted by our dear Pip. Post a comment with your next part of the story! Be creative, yet stay with the storyline somewhat remotely.
God is showing me little new things every day in my spiritual life. I've been thinking a lot on the subject of worship, as has been everybody else on our church worship team. I wrote a post on it here. I'd like to know what YOU think worship is!
My football life is depressing.
My fantasy football team hasn't won yet because I have good players that are performing badly. But Tom Brady's out and the Giants are on a roll.
Hate the Cowboys.
Love their QB.
Complications out my ears.
My movie-making life is rocking. Hear now a top secret, never-to-be-revealed, 100% classified set of lines from one of our not as lame movies, THE SECRET LIFE OF DARTH VADER!!!!!
"Where ya goin' with those chips Darth?"
"Jedi Santita. It would be better for you if you let me and my chips pass. I must get back in time to force-choke Rex Grossman."
"I can't let you do that Darth. Rex Grossman is on my fantasy team!"
And a heated fight ensues. And the crowd goes wild.
How many other lives do I have? I know not. But if they cause trouble, I'll be sure to let you know.
Comment me, people of the world!!!