Stop eating glass!!!

Yistaday we played flag football with our wonderful new homeschool group teens!!! And Cherry was there!!! We didn't get to talk much, but we passed some interesting, TOP SECRET notes!!!!:P It was a lot of fun and I feel like I'm getting to know and like everybody much better (even though I did have to suffer humiliation on account of the COLTS:P) I made some good flag footbally plays though. Got penalized twice for unnecessary roughness to my sister:P And NOW Cherry Luthien knows how to play football!!! It was quite lovely all around!!!
We went home, ate lunch, and found out that Grandma and Grandpa were coming that very day!!!!! Hooray!!!! They came and it was very happy!!!!
Ended the day by going to a Rockies game!!! Ya know how much more fun baseball is when you're actually AT the game? Insanely a lot!!!!!
Oh yeah, and Lucy made some cookies that turned out to be mush and were REALLY good!!!
Tonight we're going to my great-aunt's to celebrate my grandma and aunt's birthday with some home-cooked Korean food!!! Yum!!!
(Note to self: Defend the Colts from my Uncle's booing at all costs:P)