Who's Hot and Who's NOT!!!

Brace yourself for more expert analysis - but this time, in a cool listy list with pictures and titles and stuff!!!!! Here are the two categories of today: Who's Through, and Who's Only Just Begun. Let's start with Who's Through!!!!

Who's Through #1 (Literally) - Martin Gramatica

We all know this guy - ever since the good Lord created the football, he's been kicking them every which way. But that may be about 3 years too long for Gramatica. What with the groin injury and after Monday's game, he should know to be honorably retiring - if not now, as soon as their season is over.

Who's Through #2 - Kurt Warner

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I was pushing for Matt Leinart the whole time during the preseason. The kid looks like a strong QB that knows what it takes to lead a football team. I say bring him on now! After getting defeated 56-35 by the Jets and fumbling the ball about every time he was touched, 37-year-old Kurt Warner texted his wife that he was going to retire. He's waiting out the season, but still thinking about it. This IS the final year of his contract, and Leinart is the future for this team - let's just all embrace the enjoyable inevitable!

Who's Through #3 - The Detroit Lions

Sad, but true. All I have to say is maybe next season.

Enough gloom and doom... who has only just begun? Well I'll tell you...

Who's Only Just Begun #1 - Matt Forte

No explanation needed! This RB has been rocking the NFL ever since he stepped foot into it's fair realm - and he's just getting warmed up!

Who's Only Just Begun #2 - The New York Giants

You got it! The whole team of them. Even with the retirement of Michael Strahan and the injury of Umienyora, this defense has been for the most part, impenetrable. And don't even get me started talking about the offense! Brandon Jacobs is an amazing rusher, and Eli Manning's passing has been amazing with only 1 interception this year. They've been scoring an average of 31.75 every single game - no baseball scores this season folks! The Giants are still on top, and are out to prove to a cynical America that Super Bowl XLII was NOT a fluke.

Who's Only Just Begun #3 - Aaron Rodgers

After my personal disappointment and recovery over the Favre incident, I gave Rodgers a good checking-out. When I finally expressed faith in the preseason, everybody laughed and rolled their eyes. Packer fans weren't too happy either - but now that he's getting better stats than anyone could have imagined, their insults got shoved back into their own throats. Who's laughing now? That would be Rodgers. And you have to show respect for a guy that comes out and plays the whole game with a sprained shoulder and still throws three TD passes. The dude is a Good Quarterback with a capital "G". Don't get hung up because the Packers haven't won every game - give him time. This is his first starting NFL season and frankly folks, it's amazing football.

So there you have it, all you football fans that are hanging on my every word! (All -17 of you!!!!) And I hath also decided that I ain't so bad at this whole NFL analysis article thing - one of these days I'll do it for a living!!!! Ok, maybe not...