Thanksgiving stuff!!!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving Day!!!! We had a great time! In fact, because everyone is sooooooo interested (heheh:P) I'll break it down for you! AND add some cool pictures too!!!!!

First, the guys got up and made us amazing breakfast! Cheesey eggs, bisquits and gravy, waffles, turkey sausage and bacon, and all kinds of yummy stuff!!!! It was real good and the guys did great!!!

We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Some of that was pretty fun - Arkansas had a marching band there and David Archuleta sang!

Then we got all the Christmas stuff out in the midst of a boring and annoying Detroit football game. We set up the tree...

and puppetized some nutcrackers:P...

Then Sticks decided to try and put the angel up top of the tree.

For the record, here's a math equation that all should memorize:

12 year old male + fully decorated Christmas tree + couch = not good thing

He knocked the tree over and came down with it.

It was funny until we had to clean up 4 broken glass balls. BUT, the tree stands as I type - Taggs are NOT to be defeated by a combination of destructive persons and greenery!!!:P

Presently we all headed over to the cousins' house in Colorado Springs!!! Aunty Mich made AWESOME food like this:

YUM! It was so yum! And guess what? My aunt doesn't cook! But now she is a pro turkeyer!!!!:D

Some of us had some fun on the trampoline...

(This is a totally cool pic or the totally cool cuz Potato doing a totally cool flip)

and some of us watched the stinkin Dallas game and played Madden.

(Dad and Mace. Dad won! Hahahahahaha!)

Here's the entire Thanksgiving gang! A weensey smaller than usual... it's minus Grandma and Grandpa (in FL), Unc Steve (in TX), and the Post gang (somewhere... not in CS:P)

All in all, it was one of the funnest Thanksgivings we've ever had! Hope everyone else had a great day (like us), had a lot to be thankful for (like us), had a lot of great food (like us), and that at least someone was happy with the outcome of the football games (not like us):P

"He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God." ~ Psalm 50:23