Happy Birthday Toria!!!!!

Welcome to your blog party doll-face!!!!!!!!!! Let's get started...

First you wake up, get dressed, all that, and get ready to do whatever you ORIGINALLY had planned for today. But there's a knock at the door. You open it and it is...

ME!!!!!!!!!! We begin to have a wonderful time, and you drag me about and I get to meet all your friends... wait - this sounds more like MY blog party. Uh... let's move along, shall we?:P

We watch a football game together (the WHOLE thing) - and the Colts beat the Patriots!!! Whoo-hoo!!! The whole time, we are eating...

Pounds and pounds of chocolate!!!!!!!!!! We'd best move along, we've got a plane to catch... oh wait. Someone's at the door.

I'm not sure who ends up freaking out more... I think me. Even though I ASKED them to come. But the only reason I invited Brett to come was so he could personally apologize to us for lying, then betraying Green Bay. But he does remember to tell you happy birthday through my screaming in his face. But Peyton has a good time:)

We've got to go. We'll take Peyton with us cuz he's going anyway - the Superbowl beckons. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!! If Peyton's with us, it means he's NOT playing at the Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arg. Make it the NFC Championship. Yeah. That's much better. Whew. We fly to Giants Stadium where Eli is warming up. He's playing da BEARS. We enter our VIP locker room passes so you can wish Eli good luck before the game, and Meggy can run to the Bears locker room and get the autographs of Brian Urlacher, Devin Hester, and Matt Forte and personally thank the latter for getting her into the FFL playoffs. (Hey, it's an excuse not to take a shotgun to Hixon, right?) Ok, to the box seats. They have great food. The president's up there too. Hello Mr. President with the reflexes of a puma!:P Who else is there... ah, hi Reggie Wayne!!!!!! You rock. WHAT??? FAVRE???? How'd you find us????? Ok, you can sit in the back far away from us as long as you cheer for Giants.

He seems pleased with himself, don't he? Alright, the game's starting!!!!!

4 hours later, after the Giants victory, we go down to the locker room again and Eli gets the chance to talk to us again. Lucky guy:P

He and Peyton even throw some with us and the rest of our lives we'll be able to say we caught passes from the Mannings. We get a whole book of autographs, and you get me out of there fast before I murder Hixon.

Well, I haven't given you a present yet! Here's what I got for you...

Lotsa land for your ZOO!!!!!!! Course it needs some work, but there's plenty of time for all that.

Well, my plane's about to leave and I must go home. But I hope you had a wonderful blog party dearest, and your REAL present is on it's way. *sigh* this was a lovely party. Someday I shall come up and we shall do all those things! Well, some of those things:)