Ya know what I love?

No, not the smell of that rubber handle on the putter that you know like a thousand other people have touched. THIS is a list of what I love in no particular order!

  • The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. They each do such wonderful things and I see them working in different ways.

  • My family. Immediate and extended. I love the funny dads (or daD), goofy brothers, giggly sisters, cocky cousins, crazy uncles, and all and everything in between!

  • My church. AHBC. Everyone there is like family - you can talk theology one minute, argue song lyrics and football teams the next. Start out with Bible study, and end on the time when a mouse ran out from under the dresser. Laugh or cry as needed. Great people, great pastor, and I love every part of it there!

  • My friends. They call me on the phone if I don't live near them. We can laugh and cry together. We can talk about everything!

  • Books. God gave me approximately... (quick count) 7 unread books to read at once. It has been so much fun being swamped with books after a dry spell!!!

  • The Colts. And so does God. Love the Colts, that is:)

  • Christmas food. It's good stuff.

  • Time to run on the treadmill and burn off all the Christmas food. Which... I have not had in about a week and definitely will not have tomorrow... dear, dear.

It's fun to love! And Christmas brings love to the very top of you! Love, you people! LOVE!!!!