The Arkansas boyz

By popular demand (and Lana is the very essence OF popular demand)... a post on the subject of Wingycuzin visit!!! I'd been planning to post, but there was so much to post about that it seemed a bit daunting. So, here you shall hear of the Wingys. A good time to post about them, as I just got off the webcam with them about 10 minutes ago. And throughout the year you will probably hear about Christmas. Ya never know!

Well, the Wingycuzins FINALLY drove up to our house, which happened to be quite devoid of snow or ice, making it difficult to sled. (If Justin were here I'm sure he would note that it was NOT impossible - that just wasn't ground we were keen on exploring at the time:P) They brought along their Wii, and we played a bunch of Mario Kart! They had even created a Wii guy that looked like each of us that we could play as - I was not bad, but Simon Cowell was better:P

What else did they bring? AIR SOFT GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!! You've heard the quote from our dear Dr. Suess: "Day, play! We play all day - Night, fight! We fight all night!" Well here it was just the opposite - we fought all day with air soft guns... and I'll tell you what the nightlife was like in a moment:) But we played around the school, which was fun until the police kicked us to the forest. That was fun too. I'd post a picture... but maybe I will later. Got challenged to a duel by the General Drallen - so I picked the weapons. I got Dad's heavy machine gun and he got a pistol!!!!!! Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Dad counted out (roughly) 20 paces, then I whirled around and let her loose. Pegged him who knows how many times, but he was determined to shoot me even if I shot him through the brain. But he didn't. But he restored a certain amount of dignity during...

The NIGHTLIFE!!!!!!!!!! We play all night!!!!!!!! RED ALERT II was IN! We switched up the teams between Dad, Mr. Wingy, Drallen, Sticks, Com-10, Jakeo, and me. Won some, got beat some, but Drallen beat me on our game (singular) of Rise of the Witch King. I was tired... what time do you say it was Drallen?

And then they LEFT. They're still gone. Right now. Depressing. Seems like they should always stay. Well, they're all still fit as ever - Drallen's still singing "Bare Necessities", and I swear Com-10's grown a foot. His voice change was a little creepy to get used to for the first 10 minutes, but we're all ok now:P Jakeo and I had a good time tying people's shoes together, playing drunk outside of DICK'S SPORTING GOODS, keeping up with each other at the zoo, and slinking. And that Jax will be taller than me, like, NEXT YEAR, it's REALLLLLLLLY scary! But he was a good boy - he and Jakeo said "What is thy bidding my master" EVERY TIME I told them to:D

Even though I hate it like anything when they go, it's fun having them here! We all miss em a lot, but we just webcamed and that was about the funnest thing! Can't wait till next time they come... the weather will be nicer then for serious air soft fights!!!!!

Since I don't have a pic of them to post, I will post a random one...

Very nice. It looks like me and Com-10 when we decide to stare each other down for no reason, then walk away mumbling! Heehee! Let's play online sometime you guys! Love ya!

Meggy T the INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!