Guess what my sis got for Christmas? A Great Dane puppy!!! His name is BUZZ. He's so cute and we all love him! He is deaf, and that takes some getting used to, but Lane's been working on training him to hand signals and he's getting good at it! Here's some pictures...

Check out those blue eyes!!!:D

Lane and Buzz

How cute!!!!

Oh, and listen to this funny conversation I had with 4 yo Mayf while in the kitchen recently...

Mayf: "What's this?"

Me: "Glass cleaner"

Mayf: "What does it say on it?"

Me: "Um, 'Glass Cleaner' "

Mayf: "Oh. To clean glass?"

Me: "Yep!"

Mayf: "Oh... Meg?"

Me: "Yeah?"

Mayf: "Can I clean some glass?"

Me: "Um... sure!" I raised a brow and showed him how to clean to sliding glass door.

After awhile Mayf came back. "All done!"

"Good job! Here, put the glass cleaner in this cabinet."

He did. Then said, "Meg?"


"Can I get it back out and clean some more glass? The other side is still dirty."

"Well, sure!" I get it back out and give it back. After awhile he comes back. I say, "You done?"

Mayf: "Yup." He puts the bottle back in the cabinet.

Me: "Does it look good?"

Mayf: "Nope. The Glass Cleaner's got all gone before I was done."

Me: "Oh."

The birds twitter for about two minutes.

Mayf: "Meg?"

Me: "Yeah?"

Mayf: "Can I help you make cookies?"

Me: "Sure."

I made this picture of him recently... it totally matches his little personality! Han Solo all the way!!!:P