My People

The other day we big kids went to B & J's birthday party. These guys are the coolest! A bunch of other kids from our homeschool group were there too, and we played football, kickball, silly string war, a little frisbee and had a jolly good time! My Dad got pictures, so now I can FINALLY gratify some of yall's wishes to see some of my new friendses and people!

B with some coooool shades. He turned 13.

Me. I was called "Miss Bob Sanders" most of that day.

JJ. He and B are brothers and he turned 10.

A little height perspective... doesn't SEEM like I'm that much taller!:P It's actually real fun having shorties for friends:)

The totally awesome Gracie-pie. The tall guy in the back is That Willson. That Willson is taller than my Dad and he's 12. Yes. Shorter guy in the front is Jake.

B signaling safe. Wishful thinking - he was out by a mile!

So folks, this is just a smidge of what I do in CO and who I do it with - funfunfun!!!!!