Aw... I shoulda brought a bomb.

Thought I might post on what's been up real fast...

Two field trips this week! One at National Weather Research Center and one at the Earthquake center. I took yearbook pictures at both, and that was fun! I may post some of them down here soon so everyone can see some of my new people.

Lucy's sick:( So I'm staying far away.

I wrote a fanfic for RANGER'S APPRENTICE for Lane and Lou. Meant to be a few pages, turned out to be over 14,000 words long. But twas quite fun.

My darling Cherry inspired me to write more of my wizard story, but I need some ideas now...

Fencing is AWESOME!!!!!!! Need to work on not getting too excited and losing all technique:P

Took the standardized test for the state. If I don't score about perfect I'll be pretty embarrassed. It was ridiculous easy.

Bird slept through the night in big girl undies! And I was happy...:) She's getting big, and that gets good and bad:P

Buzz the pup has been pretty good.

I was innocently trying to get some eggs, and I set my plate on the stove, and that burner happened to be hot, so when I picked my plate back up... Yeee-ah. My finger's all scabbed up and it itches:Z

Soccer season is back! Funfunfun!

Dad just got an electric guitar and effects pedal!!!!!!!! It is pretty sweet!!!

If you ever see a free V-synth GT keyboard sitting out in front of somebody's yard, get it and bring it to me, because it's $3000 and I want one:0 Shriek!!!!

Um... what else? Ooo! The time changed! Cool-ish.

I have a new idea, read it here.
Just finished babysitting at church after I forgot and then got a call and then scrambled over there super fast feeling like a ditzy jerk.

Haven't talked to my Emy in forever, courtesy of wacky phone plans that have no consideration for the feelings of mile-away friends. Need to really bad now, so maybe this weekend.

And now, ladies and gents, here are some pictures... if I can get it to work... aHa!

Look it's Lyddi!!!! At one point in the field trip we had nothing to do but take pictures in 3D glasses:P That's a little small, huh? Let's go bigger... um... hurry up and load...

Ah, here's Cherry looking scientific!:D

And Sticks lookin cool!!! His quote is the one I used for the title.

Dewey in the glasses havery!!! (that's weird to spell... ya know... have - ery?)

So I'd post more, but it's taking forever and I'm going to bed, so if you want to see more coolity, go here. I think all the cool pics are on page 5.

Peace out and lotsa love!