Last night I went with Pam, Jen, and Rommel to the Bread of Stone/VOTA/Decemberadio/newsboys concert!!! We took our seats in the balcony and got ready for da show! Bread of Stone was up first, and they were pretty great! My reputation will be ruined if you listen to their stuff on iTunes, but they were TONS better live!!!!!! They were one of the loudest bands with lotsa guitar and hot drumming! So when they get a LIVE cd, buy that one:) But check them out and see what you think!

THEN.... VOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were amazing!!!! They sang Alright, Hard to Believe, Honestly, and Free to Fail - basically all the songs I had hoped they would sing!!! I was so excited!!! You can download a special album of theirs for free at As Rommel pointed out, we could've gone home right then and I would've been satisfied, but Decemberadio was up next!!! They sang a couple new songs, Everlasting God (pleasant surprise) and even some hymns! They set the focus for some great worship time coming up after the intermission when... MICHAEL TAIT comes up as the new lead singer for newsboys!!! I knew he would be doing this, but I wasn't expecting it so soon! The crowd went nuts (like newsboys was the main attraction of the night or something:P) and the newsboys were magnificent!!!!!!!!!!! Michael Tait did a great job, and since he's Michael Tait, they sang Colored People and In the Light!!!! Since I still call DC Talk one of my favorite bands, I was insanely happy. As the Newsboys they sang their good ones like I am Free, Breakfast, Something Beautiful, Shine, and the like. They did some worship time with Blessed Be the Name and I think Amazing Grace and some other great ones that made everyone praise God. It was really amazing - worshiping God with a zillion other people I didn't even know!
After the show was over we rushed down to try to get to VOTA first. Failed miserably, but I worked my way through the free download crowd to say hey and get them to sign the little poster I made. I had earlier made an "I heart VOTA" shirt that I was wearing and they said, "No way!" "You made yourself a shirt?" "It's our first fan!":P They signed my poster and made some video of me with their phone! Then when we found our camera holder we went back and they signed my shirt and we got a picture!!! I'm still in estcasy:) Actually the lead singer didn't just SIGNATURE the shirt, he actually wrote his nickname (Bry) with a little smiley face, as I discovered later:D

Didn't take long to get a picture with Decemberadio either:D They were real nice and complimented my little homemade poster while signing:)

It was a superfun night! Thank you to Pam and Jen and Rommel for taking me and thank you to God for inventing concerts, since they are the awesomest things in the world!!!:D

Me with VOTA (Supercool!!!!!!!!)

Me with Decemberadio (Cool!!!)