Back to the blogoshere? Maybe?

Oh yes indeed - for now. At the pressure of many friends I am posting. But I'm not appeasing them entirely - I'm not posting on HSB hahahahaha! The Meggy impossible streak strikes again!! Just to catch you all up with what's up with me... I post again.

First matter of interest - We are moving back to Arkanesia. I don't truly want to, as I'd tragically miss my most amazing church family that has really been a family, my dear friend Cherry and everyone in our hs group, fencing my heart out, and numerous other things. But there are some things I'm excited about moving back for too, so we shall stop talking about this. It is an unpleasant subject.

If you want to keep up with me, get Facebook. Don't say you don't have time if you are a blogger. You just type a status, give your friends' statuses (stati... statusss...?) a quick once over ON THE SAME PAGE and get off! And keeping in touch with people is soooooooo easy! It's an amazing thing even my mom is on!

Church potluck today was awesome! I love AHBC and will miss it like the dickens. Though things are coming together that make me feel better about leaving. I was playing keyboard for the services and dearsweetdarling Nikki stepped up and said she'd take over for me! Dad was leading Saturday night service and awesometalentedmusicallyinclined Clayton stepped up and took it over without a glitch! I had been teaching funnyhelpfulstinker Andrew drums and he got good enough to play for service and I was loving it. But then the drums were going. But just as Dad was going to give them up, a box of brand new drums for the worship team showed up and surprised everyone! I tell you what - GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!! Like my mom said - "if God wants drums in the service, He'll send them". I believed it - just didn't figure He'd send them before I left :) Speaking of wonderfulawesomesweet church family, here they are now!
Jen, Pam, and me
Me and Megan
Me, Uncle Melly, and a bottle of tea (I'm ducking backwards way low heehee!)

The 4th was fun! Had cuzins over for burgers and hot dogs, went to service and played for the last time :(, and then we all went to Shelley's for cake and fireworks! The real fireworks were delayed too late for us, but we still saw a lot of good ones :)

So there. This is my post. I hope everybody is quite happy with it, was it worth all the hype lol? Maybe I'll post again soon... maybe :P